Organization Overview

The Coffey County Sheriff's Office currently consists of approximately 50 employees.  


The Sheriff is an elected position and is elected to serve a 4 year term. Elections are held at the same time as Presidential elections. The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County.  In November of 2020, Sheriff Thomas L. Johnson was elected as Sheriff of Coffey County.  On January 11, 2021, Sheriff Johnson started his four year term. 


The Undersheriff is an appointed position that is appointed by the Sheriff. The Undersheriff serves at the pleasure of the Sheriff. The Undersheriff acts as Sheriff when the Sheriff is unavailable.

Lt. Detectives

Lt. Detectives manage drug and criminal informants, as well as coordinating drug and criminal investigations and arrests. Also performs other duties as assigned.

Patrol Sergeants

Patrol Sergeants are responsible for daily operations of the Deputies which include scheduling, case management, investigations, and equipment.

911 Coordinator / Communications Director

Responsible for the oversight of communications for all of Coffey County, including the 911 system. The Sheriff's Office provides dispatch services to the Sheriff's Office, City Police Departments, Ambulance, and Fire. Many state agencies as well utilize the communications department.

Sheriff Deputies

Sheriff Deputies are responsible for patrolling all of Coffey County, responding to criminal calls, accident investigations, criminal investigations, and general public assistance or calls for service. Deputies must become law enforcement certified through the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. The Academy is currently 14 weeks long.

Volunteer Reserve Deputies

Perform many of the same tasks as the regular Deputies and must attend training and follow the requirements of the Reserve Deputy Program.

Jail Administrator

Supervises Jail operations and Correction Officers as well as performing jailer duties as required.


Corrections is responsible for the daily operation and the safety and security of the Coffey County Jail. The jail is a 21 bed facility. Correction Officers must go through a basic corrections officer school, defensive tactics training as well as Taser training. 

Process Server / Extradition Coordinator

Our Process Server/Extradition Coordinator is responsible for serving all process service throughout the County.    The Sheriff's Office serves approximately 6,000 court documents annually. This position is also responsible for coordinating extradition of inmates from state-to-state.

Communications / Dispatch

Dispatchers are responsible for operating the Communications Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They handle all calls for service and 911 calls. 911 calls include Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement. The communications center is a completely computerized system that requires the dispatchers to possess technology skills.

Lake Patrol / Attendant

Personnel at Coffey County Lake are responsible for daily operations including registration and safety. Coffey County Lake is the cooling lake for Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant. Lake personnel must learn boater safety, operations, rescue, and fishing regulations.

Administration Office

The administration office is responsible for all administrative duties assigned by the Sheriff & Undersheriff. The administration office is also responsible for all financial reporting and accounting for the Sheriff's Office, Lost Tag Reports, VIN inspections, Conceal Carry Applications, and much more.

Records Clerk / Offender Registration

The Records/Offender Registration Clerk is responsible for maintaining all electronic criminal records, processing cases,  registering all sex, drug, and violent offenders in the county coordinating with KBI, and also assisting with the administration staff as needed.