Citizen Alerts

Request for Qualification (RFQ) Questions

Here is an initial list of questions we have regarding the RFQ for architects:

  • There are conflicting dates; proposals are due on October 18 at 2 pm and questions may be asked until October 18 at noon with answers being posted until October 31. Should the questions portion be September? We felt allowing questions up until the proposal deadline would be beneficial to all participating architects.
  • Item C. Minimum insurance requirements seem excessive, typical AIA contracts would be $1,000,000 for the items listed as $5,000,000. Will this be revised to reflect an industry standard for this size of project? Yes this may be revised based on the outcome of the study.
  • Is the project going to be seek LEED Certification? No although we would like to mirror standards when possible.
  • NIC does not show Kansas having a state standard. Does item 10 refer to ACA? And NIJO National Institute of jail operations.
  • Does the County have a budget in mind for the project? We have not yet determined what the budget will be as needs will shape this amount.
  • Has a bed count needs assessment been completed or shall the architect provide this service? Yes, the assessment will need to be completed by the architect.
  • How does the County anticipate funding the construction? Sales tax? USDA? That as yet has not been determined.
  • Item C on page 8 of the RFQ lists insurance coverage(s) for proposers, with minimum requirements of $5,000,000 each for General and Professional Liability. Our opinion is that these requirements seem excessive, particularly for smaller practices such as ours, who have specialized in Justice architecture for over 38 years with zero claims. We would be excluded from submitting to Coffey County or would be forced to spend some $30-40,000 in additional premiums for a marketing opportunity which may not materialize for us. Would the County consider lesser insurance requirements of $1,000,000 each and/or make your added insurance coverage contingent upon your selection? Yes this may be revised based on the outcome of the study.
  • The timeline on page 9 indicates that postings of responses to RFQ questions will take place until October 31 and the deadline for submitted proposals is October 18. I would like to confirm that these dates are correct, seeing how the proposal is due before all questions will be answered/posted. Questions will be answered and posted on the website until noon on October 18 with Submission due the 18th at 2 pm they will remain with the answers on the website until the 31st of October
  • Does the County foresee the need for pre-architectural services to assist in passing a bond referendum? Not at this time.

Due dates

The RFQ states that the question deadline is October 18 and that the RFQ submission deadline is October 18. Can you please clarify? We can take any questions up to deadline.


It says that you want some very detailed information about projects from the last 5 to 10 years. We are more than happy to provide this information, but the list of our projects within that timeframe is extensive and I'm not sure providing all of that information for each project is relevant or helpful to you all. We could provide detailed project information about the most relevant projects and then also provide a list of all the additional projects. Please let me know how you would like for us to go about addressing this. If we could just get jails in Kansas near our size in the last few years that would satisfy our request.

  • On page 4, it states that "The Proposer shall initial the completion of each page in the space provided." Would you like us to include just one copy of the RFQ with our initials on each page or do you want that to be included in each copy of our Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)? If you want it included in each copy of our SOQ, does it count towards the maximum number of pages? Yes one copy of the RFQ completed and initialed and it dose NOT count toward maximum number of pages.
  • As required, you'd like the proposer to follow a formal order for our qualifications. With that being said, where would you like us to include the copy of Exhibit A, Company Information form (page 5), and the specification compliance form (page 10)? Within the copy of the RFQ following each page that is requesting that information would be fine.
  • On page 15, Number 16 states "A signed and notarized copy of the Conflict of Interest Statement must be submitted with your proposal. Does Exhibit A represent the Conflict of Interest Statement? Yes, Exhibit A will suffice as the conflict of interest Statement.
  • On page 6, Number 2 listed that responses to questions will be listed on the government website at under Sheriff's tab. We could not locate the Q&A section for this proposal on the website. Where can we find it?
  • Are there any released addendums for this RFQ? Non at this time.