Dust Control

Dust Control Program for Rural Areas

Once a year in Coffey County, we offer Dust Abatement for our County residents. Any rural home within the County, outside of an incorporated area, that is located within 300 feet of a rock or gravel road, is eligible for Dust Control treatment. Requests for the program begin in March and ends in April each year so that we can order enough of the product for the treatment.

A Dust Control application form must be filled out and returned to the Road and Bridge Department prior to the application of Dust Abatement oil.

Obtaining an Application

The dust control program for 2023 ended the 1st Monday of April. 

Additional information may be obtained by calling the County Highway Department Office at 620-364-2441.

Life Span of Dust Abatement

Some applications of Mag\Chloride Dust Abatement have lasted a year and some just a few months. Effectiveness and duration of Dust Abatement varies with traffic and weather conditions. Maintenance crews will leave the Dust Abatement areas alone until they become rough. However, usually in the fall or winter, Dust Abatement areas begin to deteriorate and become rough for traffic.

If the Dust Abatement area becomes rough or is hazardous to traffic then we will blade the road. This blading will likely cause the Dust Abatement area to become ineffective.