Construction Projects

Highway EquipmentCurrent construction projects consist of approximately 58.25 miles of maintenance chip and seal and 1.75 miles of farm access. All work shall be conducted with in-house personnel and equipment with approximate cost subject to current Budget limits.

Contracted Work

2.1 miles of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) shall be contracted work. The Hot Mix Asphalt projects shall be managed by the county. County forces shall complete all gravel shoulder reconstruction and crack sealing operations for the HMA projects.

Current Construction Projects

  • A 2301-C:  Native Pl - 12th Rd to 12th Ln, 12thRd - Native Rd to Oxen Rd
  • A 2302-C:  Fauna Rd - 26th Rd to 26.6, Fauna Rd - 22nd Rd Intersection
  • A 2303-C:  County Shop Parking Lot & Salt Barn Floor

2023 Construction Map

2023 Maintenance Map

Structures Replacement

HDPE Liner pipe of various sizes shall be installed at several locations in the County listed below. The HDPE Liner is a no-dig approach to rehabilitate the existing damaged culverts. The Lining System is the most cost-effective way with an indefinite service life of the culvert. All work shall be conducted with in-house personnel and equipment.

2023 Structures Replacement Map

Road Striping

60.75 miles of roadway striping shall be contracted work managed by the county. To include all the roads that received HMA, Maintenance Chip and Seal, and Fog Seal.

28.5 miles of centerline Striping shall be contracted work managed by the county. To include roads designated by the county on an as needed basis.

  •  Emmer Rd – 5th to 12th
  •  Fauna Rd – 12th to 16th
  • Reaper Rd – 1st to 4th
  •  12th Rd – Quail to Yearling
  • Underwood Rd – 3rd to 4th
  • Wayside Rd – 3rd to 4th
  • Verdure Rd – 1st to 3rd
  •  3rd Rd – Underwood to Wayside

2023 Road Striping Map

Roadway Shoulder Spraying Program

74 shoulder lane miles at various widths is scheduled.  All work shall be completed with in-house personnel and equipment.

2023 Roadway Shoulder Spraying Map


The list of projects is subject to change as weather conditions, time, budget and local conditions demand (i.e. flood damages, failure of structure and repairs to unsafe roadways, etc.).

Support of the 2023 Construction Projects will continue the level of service of the county gravel roads, asphalt roads, Bridges and Culvert type structures county-wide.