Highway Department

Mission Statement

The Coffey County Highway Department is charged with the responsibility to construct, maintain, and operate the county road system and landfill operation as directed by the Coffey County Commission.

The Highway Department is to increase the overall quality and safety of the road system with minimum maintenance and construction cost in order to reduce dependence of the tax levy required for operation cost.

Review new methods of operation by researching and implementing new technology, reviewing current methods for providing the most efficient operations and service in the operations of the department.

To respond to all citizens request in a responsive and professional manner shall be the goal of every employee in the Highway Department. To adopt a good neighbor policy with our approach to work requested. Follow the golden rule "Treat people as we would like to be treated." We shall be accountable to the policies of the county, co-workers, and citizens of the county for all work and actions requested in the operations of the department.

About the Department

The Highway Department provides direct tangible services to the public as well as support services to other departments. The department consists of several primary divisions:

  • Accounting, Administrative Support, and Records
  • Engineering/Construction
  • Landfill
  • Road Records/Survey Library

Primary Services

  • Connection permits and operation of rural sewer districts
  • Construction of county road and bridge projects
  • Jacobs Creek Sewer District
  • Maintenance of designated county roads such as patching, mowing, surfacing, and snow/ice removal
  • Operation of the county landfill and recycling programs
  • Permits/authorizations for entrances, utilities, oversized loads, and other right-of-way accommodations along county roads
  • Road records/right-of-way files
  • Survey records

Special Notices

Permits/permission is required for entrance/driveway construction, and utility construction