Fee Schedule


Title Fee$10.00
Transfer Fee$22.50


Type of VehicleAmount
Autos less than 4500 pounds$42.25
Autos over 4500 pounds$52.25
Plug-In Electric Hybrid (has combustion engine)$62.25
Electric Hybrid (has combustion engine)$62.25
All Electric Vehicle$112.25
12 M Trucks$52.25


Weight of TrailerAmount
 2,000 to 8,000 pounds $47.25
 8,001 to 12,000 pounds $57.25
 12,001 and over pounds $67.25

If the weight of the trailer and the load combined is less than 2,000 pounds, registration is optional.

If farm trailer, hauling the farmers own products, has a load of less than 6,000 pounds, registration is optional.

For fees on trucks with gross weight of over 16,000 pounds, call the County Treasurer's office at 620-364-5532.

Property Tax

Property Tax is to be paid at the time of registration/title application (exceptions Heavy Trucks, Trailers and Motorbikes). For an estimate, please visit the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax when applicable: 6.5% if purchased in Coffey County with the exceptions of the City of Burlington at 8.5%, the City of Gridley at 8.5%, the City of Lebo at 8.5%, the City of LeRoy at 7.5%, and the City of Waverly is 7.5%. If purchased in a county or a city with local sales tax, the Treasurer's Office must collect that also. Sales tax is charged at the higher rate between buyer and seller. If vehicle is purchased out of state, the rate is the buyer's  rate.