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Coffey County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility

Coffey County HHW will accept HHW from households, free of charge. Businesses are excluded.

The materials to be received at the facility will primarily consist of the following but are not limited to:

Ant and Roach Killers Herbicides Arsenicals
Rat and Mouse Poison Insecticides Fungicides
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Botanicals Carbonates
Organo-Phosphates Dioxins 2,4,5-T


Paints: Auto Products:
Enamel and Oil Based Paints Antifreeze
Rust Paints Brake Fluids
Furniture Strippers Used Motor Oil
Wood Preservatives Waxes and Polishes
Stains and Finishes


Household Products:
Abrasive Cleaners or Powder Oven Cleaners
Ammonia-Based Chemicals Disinfectants
Rug and Upholstery Cleaner Bleach Cleaners
Floor and Furniture Cleaners Mothballs
Photographic Chemicals Toilet Cleaners
Pool Chemicals Drain Cleaners


Mercury Batteries Used Oil

The following materials will NOT be accepted at the facility:

Infectious and Radioactive Waste Explosives
Compressed Gas Cylinders Asbestos
Ammunition Kepone


We offer a re-use shelf here at Coffey County HHW. Every item on the shelf is FREE. We have everything from paint to laundry soap. Come by and check it out.

DID YOU KNOW........?

  • The average home contains 3-10 gallons of material that can be dangerous to your health and the environment.
  • One gallon of oil can contaminate one million gallons of water.
  • An estimated 530,000 lbs of batteries require disposal daily.
  • The average household batteries accounted for 89% of the mercury in the municipal solid waste stream.
  • Americans own over 900 million battery operated devices.

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Contact Information

Todd Bemis, Director
Household Hazardous Waste
1430 12th Lane
Burlington, KS 66839

Telephone: (620) 364-8409

Fax: (620) 364-3074

Hours: Mon - Fri, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.