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Road Right of Way Records

About Road Right of Way Records

The Coffey County Department maintains an extensive and fairly complete record of road records and right of way widths for rural Coffey County. Original road records for road openings and vacation actions are filed in the survey library by section, township and range. Additionally, this office retains road right of way records for new roads and for road / bridge improvement projects.

Note: Prior to 1991, all road records and right of way documents were filed only in the County Road Record as required by law which is maintained in the County Engineer's Office. Beginning in 1991, all new road right of way documents and road vacation actions have been recorded in theĀ Register of Deeds Office as well as filed in the County Road Record. Road right of way information shown on county GIS maps is for general information and may not contain the most current road record information from the road record prior to 1991. The most accurate information regarding road widths and status of road rights of way can only be obtained through diligent research which should include the records of County Engineer's Office as well as the Register of Deeds and the Clerk of the District Court.

More Information:
For more information, contact Assistant Road Supervisor / Right of Way Coordinator Ryan Durst at 620-364-2441.

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Contact Information

Ryan Durst, Assistant Road Supervisor / Right of Way Coordinator

Highway Department
County Engineer's Office
1510 S 6th St
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Telephone: 620-364-2441 or 800-947-2897

Fax: 620-364-8271

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