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Services Available

Preventing Illness
        Promoting Wellness
                Protecting Health

Well Child Services

  • Immunizations
    The Coffey County Health Department strives to achieve 100% vaccination rates for resident children by following the recommended immunization schedule approved by CDC. Vaccines are received from the State of Kansas and assure that nonpayment or the inability to pay will not be a barrier to any child under age 19.
  • KanBeHealthy Exams
    Children whose insurance is covered by Medicaid are required to have regular physicals, and doing so will provide for increased coverage of office visits and medication.
    • KanBeHealthy exams are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and usually take one hour to complete
    • Will be billed to Health Insurance
    • Covers Vision, Hearing, Development, Urinalysis, Lead Checks, Hemoglobin, Discipline, Nutrition, Physical Exam, Oral Health, Fluoride Varnish (brochure)
  • Breastfeeding Support Groups
    First Tuesday of every month, in the Coffey County Courthouse Basement Meeting Room B, from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Group leaders: Bevin Neely, Breastfeeding Conselor and Janine Messersmith, IBCLC. Call 620-342-4864.
    • Free Breastfeeding Supplies Available from Coffey County Health Department
      • Medela Double Breast Pump Kit
      • Medela Lactina Double Breast Pump
  • Daycare and School Physicals
    • Scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Daycare physicals - cost $10
    • School physicals - cost $25
  • WIC
    WIC is provided through the Flint Hills Community Health Center with monthly sites in Burlington in the Courthouse basement, to schedule an appointment call 620-342-4864 x 3785.
    • WIC brochure (brochure)
    • Schedule:  1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
  • School Nursing for USD #243 and USD #245

Family Health

  • Men's Health
    • Affordable condoms $2 per dozen
    • Affordable & confidential HIV testing $20
    • Affordable STD tests & treatment
      • What is an STD test? We can perform STD exams on males by obtaining a urine specimen and sending it to a lab. The test will check for Gonorrhea & Chalmydia, which can be treated with medication we have on hand.
      • A urine STD exam costs $15
      • Treatment is provided for free through funding from KDHE
    • Paternity testing - For $30 we can administer paternity tests if clients provide test kits.
  • Women's Health
    • Affordable pregnancy tests $5
    • Affordable and confidential HIV testing $20
    • Affordable STD testing $15
    • Affordable condoms, birth control pills, and Depo-provera shots
    • Women's Health Clinic held monthly for paps, pelvics, and breast exams & physicals
      • Federal Family Planning funding allows us to provide birth control pills and Depo-provera with yearly pap exams
      • Birth control costs range from $0 - $10 per pack depending on income and family size; Depo shots are $0 - $40
      • Call to schedule an appointment for our next Family Planning Clinic
      • Forms for Family Planning 

Adult Services

  • Adult Immunizations including Tetanus, Flu, Pneumonia and Hepatitis B
  • Blood work - Diagnostic 10 Screen $30, A1C & PSA $15 each, Call about other blood work
  • Allergy injections $20
  • Blood pressure checks (No charge for this service)
  • Pulse oximetry checks (No charge for this service)
  • Toenail trimming (Donations accepted for this service - please provide your own clippers)

Disease Control and Surveillance

  • Investigate and monitor conditions contributing to morbidity and mortality in Coffey County.

Child Care Licensing

  • Licensing and registration of day care homes and preschools throughout Coffey County.
  • To schedule a meeting with the Daycare Surveyor or to report a complaint, call 620-342-4864 x 3779 to speak with Jamie Roberts
  • Educational efforts to day care providers to increase their skills and knowledge.

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Contact Information

Lindsay Payer, Health Nurse

Health Department
Coffey County Courthouse
110 S 6th St, Room 04
Burlington, KS 66839

Telephone: 620-364-8631 or 800-947-4271

Fax: 620-364-2045

Nursing Services Available:
Monday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Wednesday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm