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Environmental Health Services

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Water Well Information From Kansas State University :

"MF-935 Plugging Abandoned Wells"
"MF-911 Shock Chlorination for Private Wells"
"MF-912 Understanding Water Test Reports"
"MF-970 Private Well Safe Location & Construction"
"MF-2396 Private Well Maintenance & Protection"
"MF-871 Recommended Water Tests for Private Wells"
"MF-857 Nitrates & Groundwater"

Wastewater Information From Kansas State University :

"MF-946 Why do Septic Systems fail?"
"MF-947 Septic Tank Maintenance"
"MF-2831 Onsite Wastewater System Options"
"MF-2542 Selecting an Onsite System"
"MF-2877 Onsite Wastewater Treatment"
"MF-1044 Wastewater Stabilization Pond Design & Construction"
"MF-2246 Plugging Cisterns"
"MF-2214 Minimum Standards for Design"

"Approved Coffey County Sanitary Code"

Protecting the Health and Well being of the Public by Enforcement of Coffey County Sanitation Code

  1. Private Wastewater Facilities
    • Siting Protocol
    • Soil Profiles for System Determination
    • Construction Standards Inspection
    • Wastewater System Permitting
    • Mortgage/Refinancing Inspections
  2. Private Water Supplies
    • Water Well Assessments
    • Confidential Water Screening Analysis
    • New Drilled Water Well Permitting
    • Water Source Information
    • Reconstruction of Private Wells Information
    • Plugging of Abandoned Well Information
  3. Nuisance Abatement
    • Failing Wastewater Systems
    • Vectors
    • Solid Waste
    • Dead Animal Removal
    • Other
  4. Equipment Inspection and Licensing of Septage Haulers
  5. Housing Lead Assessment
  6. Radon Testing
  7. Enforcement of Local Environmental Protection Program

Our office refers food service complaints to Kansas Food & Drug Office at KDHE.

Private water well screenings include bacteria (E.coli, total coliform - P/A), nitrate, iron, manganese, hardness, total dissolved solids, conductivity, copper, sulfate, chloride, total chlorine, lead, and others upon request.

Information on food sanitation/service, lyme disease, carbon monoxide, lead, water treatment devices, public water supply water analysis reports & facility KDHE inspection reports, public wastewater system KDHE inspection reports, and a wealth of other environmental information is available at the office.

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Contact Information

Marilyn A. Eccles, RS

Coffey County Health Department
Coffey County Courthouse
110 S 6th St, Room 04A
Burlington, KS 66839

Telephone: 620-364-8631 or 800-947-4271 ext. 1257

Fax: 620-364-2045

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