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Appraiser's Tax Calendar

January 1
  • Valuation Date for Real and Personal Property
  • Personal Property/Oil & Gas Renditions mailed to property owners
    with items registered with the County Appraiser's Office
March 1
  • Real Estate Valuation Notices Mailed
March 15
  • Deadline to file Individual and Commercial Personal Property Renditions
  • Late filing penalties begin after this date
March 31
  • Deadline to file Real Property Appeals
April 1
  • Deadline to file Oil & Gas Renditions
  • Late filing penalties begin after this date
May 1
  • Personal Property Valuation Notices Mailed
May 15
  • Deadline to file Personal Property Appeals
  • Informal Valuation Conferences Completed
May 20
  • Last Date for Mailing Decisions on Informal Conferences
June 1
  • Appraisal Rolls Certified to County Clerk

Appraisal Staff

Connie Lawrence County Appraiser
Mark Hopkins Deputy Appraiser
Lori Sturdy Field Appraiser
Vicky Abraham-Serl Data Collector
Marilyn Storrer Cartographer
Cara Mays GIS Coordinator
Debbie Noonan Office Manager
Faye Belcher Real Estate Specialist
Stella Eccles Personal Property Specialist
Heather True Oil & Gas Specialist

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Contact Information

Connie Lawrence, County Appraiser

Coffey County Courthouse
110 S 6th St, Room 206
Burlington, KS 66839

Telephone: 620-364-8426 or 800-947-5351

Fax: 620-364-8428

Hours: Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm