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City Hall

210 Pearson Ave, Waverly, KS 66871

(785) 733-2461

Population: 564

Quiet, and friendly, Waverly is a nice place to call home. Located in the far north eastern part of the county and just south of I-35, Waverly is close to Ottawa, Emporia, and Lyndon. Waverly is a great place for youth with an abundance of summer activities, great schools, community library, a swimming pool, and the annual Ohio Days Celebration. Surrounding Waverly are towering wind turbines from the Waverly Wind Farm.

City of Waverly

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Contact Information

Mary Collins, City Clerk

PO Box 308, 210 Pearson Ave
Waverly, KS  66871

Telephone: (785) 733-2461

fax: (785) 733-2395

hours: Mon - Fri, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.